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More Great News ! ! !

National Gold, Inc. has now closed the purchase of Goldfield International, Inc., the Internationally recognized manufacturer of gold mining equipment.

National Gold, Inc. has moved its offices into some vacant space in the Goldfield building in Lindon, Utah.

There is also a large manufacturing bay that is not being used so National Gold will open the manufacturing facility for it Wildewoode Lumber equipment.

National Gold, Inc. has now closed the purchase of the Homestake Mine in Idaho. We will now go forward with shipping the stockpiles to one or more of our mills to be turned into dore bars.

National Gold, Inc.
is a major competitor in the mining business
We have Lode Mines, Placer Mines, Mills, Refineries,
and even a Mint so we can produce our own gold and silver commemorative coins.

Please submit your mining properties to us
for evaluation and possible acquisition

also let us know if you have ore that needs to be processed

Please take a look at our Business Plan
and our Due Diligence


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5,500,000 Tons of Slag Material - Joint Venture - Owned - This is material that was left behind following mining and smelting operations for copper in the 1920s.  The assay for gold and other precious metals shows there are good values still remaining.  National Gold has a 50/50 joint venture with the owners.National Gold has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement to process the Canadian Concentrate and is hopeful of being able to purchase the mill itselfHOMESTAKE MINE - Two 20 acre patented mining claims known as the Homestake and the Pennsylvania - owned by National GoldThere are three unpatented 20 acre lode claims known as the Blue Bell, Blue Bell 2, and Blue Bell 3 -- Under Contract to National GoldThis is a single 20 acre unpatented mining claim known as the Red Bull  - Under Contract to National Gold.Six 20 acre unpatented lode mining claims known as the Black Swan 1 through 6, is located just east of Baker City, Oregon, and about 200 miles from the Homestake Mine and currently has equipment to concentrate about 150 tons of ore each day - Under Contract to National GoldThis property, located in Western Colorado, is under a 50/50 Joint Venture Agreement with National Gold to process the oreNational Gold has moved into the Goldfield building at 55 South Geneva Road, Lindon, Utah 84042National Gold will take over an unused bay at the Goldfield building to open the Wildewoode Manufacturing facilitesNational Gold has acquired Goldfield International, Inc., the Internationally recognized manufacturer of mining equipmentNatonal Gold has acquired the Vault International Refinery in Carson City, Nevada.  Vault is capable of producing dore' bars for National Gold.Vanderbilt Mill - This is a 500 ton per day ore processing mill.  National currently has a purchase contract to buy the mill and its associated mines.National Gold holds title to 160 acres of unpatented placer property.  We are currently negotiating the purchase of another 5.5 square miles of adjacent property.National Gold has purchased the equipment in the mill and is negotiating to also purchase the bulding and landNational Gold owns Ruby Trust Mining Company, a Peruvian corporation, that has several excellent placer mines, in Peru, that are ready to begin full scale operationWhen National Gold acquired Vault International Refinery we also acquired the opportunity to open mining operations on a very good placer property in ColombiaWhen National Gold acquired Vault International Refining it also acquired a placer mine in Colombia